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Hydro Epoxy Mortar System
A vertical crack, weeping snap tie holes, and the floor joint repaired with Hydro-Epoxy Mortar.(3 parts fine sand, 1 part Portland cement, 1 part mixed Hydro-Seal 75. We used less than a gallon of Hydro-Seal 75 to repair all the cracks in this basement.

Hydro-Epoxy Mortar System

With the HYDRO-EPOXY MORTAR SYSTEM deteriorated concrete surfaces can be patched and repaired. The result is a waterproof, chemically resistant topping that will level and beautify even the worst concrete substrates. This epoxy modified mortar consists of cement, sand and Hydro-Seal 75 waterproofing. In areas where pitted concrete has to be level to accept NORTHERN SEAMLESS FLOORING & other types of flooring, HYDRO-EPOXY MORTAR can be applied as thin as required. Remember that most Seamless Flooring failures are caused by inferior primers, excessive moisture, and lack of preparation. With HYDRO-EPOXY MORTAR the worst deteriorated substrate areas will be repaired and leveled with a waterproof, chemically resistant, water-base epoxy mortar. Call Northern at 1 800 346 5543 for chemical resistance information and detailed physical properties.

  • I. INTRODUCTION By adding cement and dry sand to blended Hydro-Seal 75 components, a bonding mortar is created. This makes an excellent crack filler, leveling and tuck pointing material for masonry joints. Hydro-Seal 75 possesses tenacious bonding qualities as thin as required. Hydro-Seal 75 is a solvent free, low modulus epoxy mortar binder designed for mixing with suitable aggregate to provide a waterproof and wear resistant slab topping for applications over Portland cement concrete floor slabs.
  • II. DESCRIPTION Hydro-Seal 75 Epoxy Mortar System consists of:
    • A. Hydro-Seal 75
    • B. CEMENT: No. 1 Portland (gray or white)
    • C. SAND: No. 30 or No. 70 Sieve Dry Silica: Aggregate washed kiln-dried graded and bagged silica sand containing a minimum of 98% silicon dioxide by weight aggregate shall be skip graded within the following limits
      Sieve Size Percent by weight passing
      #4 100
      #8 70 to 100
      #16 33 to 75
      #30 50 to 30
      #50 5 to 20
      #100 0 to 5
      #200 0 to 3
    • A. For substrate repair
      • 1. Leveling
      • 2. Resurfacing
      • 3. Patching masonry
    • B. For forming masonry
    • C. As a coving system.
    • A. Properties of cured binder when cured 7 days at 77° F and tested at 77° F.
      Tensile Strength ASTM D-638 2000 PSI
      Tensile Elongation ASTM D-638 25 %
      Compressive Yield Strength ASTM 695 2000PSI
    • B. Properties of Cured Mortar:3.1.1 by volume mix when cured 7 days at 77 degrees F and tested at 77 degrees F.
      Tensile Strength ASTM C-190 1300 PSI
      Compressive Strength ASTM C-190 8000 PSI
    • C. CHEMICAL RESISTANCE TEST:HYDRO-SEAL 75 resurfacing mortar will resist occasional splashing and spillage of practically most chemicals without adverse effect, in most instances:
      Detergent None
      Acetic Acid 3% Discolored
      Citric Acid 3% None
      Kerosene None
      Ammonium Hydroxide30% None
      Calcium Chloride 10% None
      Lactic Acid 3% None
      Mineral Spirits None
      Potassium Hydroxide 10% None
      Sodium Chloride 20% (Brine Solution) None
      Motor Oil Sol. 30 grade None
      Sugar Solution 30% None
      Steam (30 hrs) None
      Urine None
      Sodium Hydroxide 5% None
      Isopropyl Alcohol 100% None
      Textile Spirits 100% None
      Toluene 100% Discolored
    • A. Tools: Straight edge trowel, mortar mixer or wheel barrel
    • B. Procedure:
      • 1. Prepare Substrate:
        • a) Conditions of surfaces shall be dry and free of dirt, paint, grease, oil, rust and other contaminants.
        • b) Surface shall be inspected and approved before the work has begun.
        • c) New concrete shall have been properly cured and seasoned.
        • d) Concrete surfaces shall be roughed by wire brushing, sand blasting, chipping, or etching.
        • e) All shrinkage shall have occurred.
        • f) Defects shall be corrected. Open cracks by undercutting or squaring off, rather than "V" cutting.
      • 2. Mixing:
        • a) Ratio: 3 parts #30 silica sand, 1 part Portland Cement, 1 part Mixed Hydro-Seal 75 liquid binder. For Thickness over 1/8": Mixing Ratio by volume
        • b) Mix Hydro-Seal 75
          • (1) measure epoxy parts carefully. Mix no more material than can be used within 30-45 minutes. Thoroughly mix each component individually before combining the two. Combine 1.1 ratio of component A and component B in a clean pail with a jiffy-mixer for a minimum of 5 minutes.
        • c) Pour mixed epoxy binder into mortar mixer and add calibrated quantities of the different aggregate sizes.
          • (1) Add aggregates in order of size starting with the coarsest. Add dry Portland cement is last.
        • d) Mix ingredients thoroughly until streak free. Mix an additional 3 minutes after adding all the aggregate and cement mixture. Mix until a desired consistency is reached so that you may use a trowel.

          Note: Batching: mix only the amount of material that can be used in 25-45 minutes at 70 degrees F.

      • 3. Apply to necessary areas with straight edge trowel
        • a) Patch all cracks and voids, and cove all corners and joints.
          • (1) Coving should extend at least two inches out and up from floor joints.
          • (2) Areas around form-ties in poured walls should be opened and patched.
          • (3) Allow patching to dry for two hours at 75° F or until dry to the touch.
    • C. For Thin hairline cracks
      • 1. For a thickness Under 1/16" a mixture of Hydro-Seal 75( mixed) and Portland cement can be used without sand to feather edge hairline cracks and bridge small voids. The amount of cement added to the mixed Hydro-Seal 75 is determined by the thickness of the crack.
    • A. When skin contact occurs, wash immediately with soap and water
    • B. Do not ingest.
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