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Hydro-Seal 75 Testimonials

Just wanted to thank you for all your help and for getting the product to us so quickly. We sealed our floors this weekend. We couldn’t believe how easy it was to use and how well it came out. We have already passed along the recommendation to other people we know!

Allison L.

Hi Rick - I applied the product a few days ago and everything went very well...just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you for the great product!

Larry B. Colorado

Hello Rick, Feel free to add me to your testimonial list. I live in northern panhandle in Florida and have had a leaky wet basement from time to time depending on the rainfall we get. Sometimes our basement would have to be pumped out daily for months at a time due to the leakage through the concrete blocks that were filled with concrete. After using your product I am happy to report we have a perfectly dry basement. We built our house and basement in 1981 and have always had a water issue until now. Finally, a product that actually works!

Larry in Florida
November 16, 2014

Hi Rick, just wanted to let you know how well the product worked for me last time. This stuff is amazing and I will recommend to anyone I can. You were very helpful in walking me through the process the first time of how to apply it . It completely solved the problem I had in my laundry room.

Thanks again!

Bryan / Altoona, Pa.

I have previously bought (and used) this product from you and I must say that it is outstanding. The end result was beyond my expectations. There's nothing in the big box stores that comes close.

Thank you,

Great stuff. Will NOT stop an active leak, but, if it dries, will stop leaking on concrete walls and floors.

Your Response: Hydro-Seal 75 should not be applied to an active leak so this is correct. It is best to patch the active leak with hydraulic cement or wait until it is not leaking to apply Hydro-Seal 75 and Hydro-Seal 75 Mortar which is made by adding Concrete Sand Mix to Hydro-Seal 75. This makes a great patching material for all cracks and holes in a foundation.

Northern Industries was very helpful with all my questions. My only issue is they only offer gray through Amazon. I would have preferred white but making it work.

Incredible! Ordered 2 gal. Hydro Seal 75 on Sun., arrived Wed. Product is as described, priced reasonably, and packed well. This is a rare merchant who actually does what he says, and represents his product(s) honestly. I WILL be doing more business with this company.

The landlord used this on the walls in my basement and now the air in my apartment better. So I am using it to seal the floor myself. Their website says I have to prepare the surface by washing it with TSP, rinsing it with water, letting it dry and rolling the HydroSeal75 on like paint. Should be a good weekend D-I-Y project

You helped me out a few years ago with your product...Your product worked great on my basement floor and I have not had any more problem with the flooding...I was wondering if I needed more of this if you still had it..My brother is having a problem with his basement and I told him how good this worked and he wants to use it...I just want to make sure he could still get it and that the price below are still the same.

Enclosed is a check for 3 more ten gallon kits of Hydro-Seal 75. So far the product has worked out well for the few applications I have needed it for. I have been searching for a product like this for a while. Thank you again for your help and information.

Two coats of Hydro Seal 75 on basement cold cellar walls for curing Ital. Sausage. This is the best material I have used.

We are very pleased with the Hydro-Seal 75 not a drop of water in site.

A success story... Our neighbors who had the same problem (same house) as us had a bigger problem than us with water seeping in the basement room. They tried your product after we had success and it took care of the problem. They put all their sheetrock back up and put the room back together. When they watered their yard the water would flow into the room. This doesn't happen now! It saved them so much by using HS75.