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Quartz Trowel System


NI-Dura Epoxy Quartz Trowel Applied Seamless Flooring is a decorative, durable system that provides excellent resistance to wear, staining and chemicals. The blending of coarse and fine quartz aggregate provides a distinctive appearance that is suitable for a vast variety of applications. The system adheres to clean, properly prepared concrete, tile, terrazzo, metal, brick pavers, or plywood, etc. Coving can be added as an integral part of flooring.


The membrane system will be comprised of
A. Adhere 101: A two component thermoset, water soluble, solvent-free, odor free, waterproofing, epoxy resin formulation.
B. NI-21 100% Epoxy: Clear two component 100% bisphenol A- type epoxy resin combined with a cycloaliphatic polyamine modified curing agent that is solvent-free, odor free, and fluid applied.
C. Colored Quartz Granules: # 28 grade and #11 grade


This flooring system is ideally suited for heavy commercial, institutional and industrial applications. It is durable, easy to maintan, chemical resistant, and will not support bacterial growth.


NI-Dura Epoxy Quartz Trowel Applied Seamless Flooring is customarily appliled at 1/8" or 3/16" thickness, but can be applied thicker to fill and level damaged or eroded concrete.


Chemical Plants Shower Areas Locker Rooms
Food Processing Plants Industrial Plants Laboratories
Hospitals Dairies Warehouses
Airports Auditoriums Cafeterias
Bottling Plants Showrooms Machine Shops
Offices Toilet Areas Laundries
Correctional Facilities Patios Commercial Kitchens
Walk-in Coolers Schools Churches
Cheese Plants Meat Packing Plants Animal Hospitals


A. Advantages
USDA Approval Easy to use 2:1 ratio
Solvent Free - Bubble free No odor
Priced competitively Excellent Adhesion
Can be resurfaced Never needs wax
Excellent Chemical resistance Excellent Clarity
The 100% epoxy finish coats shall exhibit good amber-free qualities and resistance to ultra violet attack.  
B. Limitations
  1. 1. Should be applied to level surfaces. Material will run to the slope of the substrate.
  2. 2. Plasticizers, extraneous fillers or sand shall not be added to the membrane material at anytime.


Decorative patterns are created by combining two or more colors.
Red Brown
Buff Gray
White Dark Gray
Green Light Gray


Flammability ASTM D-635 Self extinguishing
Hardness Shore D ASTM D-2240 85
Compressive Strength ASTM D-695 17,500 PSI
Tensile Strength ASTM D-638 4,000 PSI
Flexural Strength ASTM D-790 6,250 PSI
Thermal Coefficient of Expansion ASTM C-531 (IN/IN OF) 20 by 10 ^ (-6)
Abrasion Resistance Taber Abrader CS-17 Wheel 2,000 gm. Load, 1000 Cycles 24.0 mg. Loss
Impact Resistance Mil D-3134 No cracking or delamination
Indentation Mil D-3134 Withstands 2,000 lbs. Per. Sq. inch for 30 minutes without indentation
Bond Strength to Concrete ACI 403 350 PSI (100% concrete failure)
Thermal Shock ASTM C-884 Passes
Tensile Elongation ASTM D-638 7.5%
Water Absorption % ASTM D-570 .10
Elevated Temperature Mil D-3134 No slip or flow
Toxicity Non-toxic, USDA Approved
Fungus & Bacteria Mil F-52505 Will not support growth of fungus or bacteria
B. System Chemical Resistance Guide: A ten day cure period should be allowed before testing. A coat of NI-22 Polyurethane will enhance chemical resistance.
Reagent 1 HOUR 1 DAY 7 DAYS
Nitric Acid (5%) Excellent Good Good
Acetic Acid (10%) Excellent Excellent Good
Hydrochloric Acid (10%) Excellent Excellent Excellent
Sulfuric Acid (30%) Excellent Excellent Good
Sodium Hydroxide (30%) Excellent Good Good
Detergent Solution Excellent Excellent Excellent
Salt Water Excellent Excellent Excellent
Gasoline Excellent Excellent Excellent
Mineral Spirits Excellent Excellent Excellent
Benzene Excellent Excellent Excellent
Ammonium Hydroxide (28%) Excellent Good Not Recommended
Calcium Chloride (30%) Excellent Excellent Excellent
Tri-Sodium Phosphate Excellent Excellent Excellent
Silver Nitrate (10%) Excellent Good Good
Trichloroethylene Excellent Excellent Excellent
Syrups Excellent Excellent Excellent
Phosphoric (85%) Excellent Excellent Excellent
Hydraulic Fluid Excellent Excellent Excellent
Isopropyl Alcohol Excellent Excellent Excellent
Lactic Acid (20%) Excellent Excellent Good
Methyl Isobutyl Ketone Excellent Excellent Excellent
Methylene Chloride Excellent Not Recommended Not Recommended
Motor Oil Excellent Excellent Excellent
Glycerine Excellent Excellent Excellent
Hydrogen Peroxide (6%) Excellent Good Not Recommended
Ferric Chloride Excellent Excellent Good
Mustard Excellent Good Good
Acetone Excellent Not Recommended Not Recommended
1. Bond Test Compressive Shear Test glazed side ceramic tile Load 1650 lbs. Shear strength376 PSI
2. Curing of Two Component water based system Mix two components 1.1 ratio 75° F Shall be solid after 3 hrs
3. Combustibility Water based Flame Spread: None
4. Fading Ambering Fade Ometer No Change
5. Flexibility Fed Test Stand. 141 Method 6221 1/8" Mond ret @ 23 C No cracking of continuity at bend
6. Exterior moisture absorption Fed Spec Standard TTC001224 No absorption
7. Hydrostatic resistance Fed Spec Standard TT-P-001411 75 lbs. PSI
8. Alkalis resistance ASTM D-543 Excellent
9. Non-Toxic No Solvent odor free
10. Abrasion resistance Taber Abrader ASTM 1000 cycles Low Wear0.1%
11. Viscosity Brookfield viscometer 14,800 CPS
12. Drying Time Set to touch

Dry hard

30 minutes

1 hour

Pot Life (1 lb.) 25 minutes at 70 degrees F.
Peak Exotherm 147° C
Shore D Hardness 80
Tensil Strength, PSI 5760
Flexural Strength PSI 9135
Elongation % 3.9
IZOD Impact, ft. lbs./in of notch 0.478
Compressive Strength, PSI 15,000
Heat Distortion Point 49° C
Density, 1.16
Aluminum/aluminum adhesion, PSI 1840
Chemical resistance Excellent
UV resistance Good
Color water white
Viscosity 100CPS
Amine Value 90
Specific Gravity .95


Provide all components necessary to complete installation.
A. Prepare and abrade substrate, removing all foreign materials. (Refer to preparation section)
  1. Substrate Temperature: Substrate temperature must be no lower than 50 degrees F., maintained during the installation and curing period. Deteriorating or spalling areas must be filled and repaired with Northern's Epoxy Mortar System, prior to applying NI-Dura Quartz Trowel applied flooring system.
B. Prime entire area with Adhere 101 using 3/8" nap roller
  1. Coverage: 100 to 120 sq. feet per gallon
  2. Tools: 3/8" nap roller
C. Mix Quartz Aggregate:
  1. Mixing ( refer to Quartz Aggregate Product Data Sheet):
    a) Quartz aggregate should consist of 50% #28 grade and 50% #11 grade to maximize density
    b) After colors are selected, colors and sizes should be pre-blended dry for entire area to ensure uniformity of color.
D. Mix NI-21 100% Epoxy
  1. Mix: (2) parts resin to (1) part curing agent.
E. Add 3 to 5 parts (by volume) of quartz aggregate to mixed NI-21 100% Epoxy, using a mechanical mixer with a cage attachment
F. Apply aggregate and epoxy mixture by trowel
  1. Spread loosely with trowel to desired thickness
  2. Tamp and Trowel Smooth.
G. Optional Back broadcasting:
  1. After aggregate and epoxy mixture is troweled installer can broadcast dry aggregate into troweled surface to hide trowel marks
  2. Allow to dry
  3. Sweep excess aggregate off surface before applying sealer coat
H. Finish coats:
  1. Apply 100% NI-21 Epoxy Finish Coats with a 3/8" nap roller. Be sure that the same person applies all of these coats because you will see the difference in the roller marks.
  2. Finish coats may be adjusted to meet non-skid requirements. If polyurethane finish coat is requested over the NI-21 Epoxy, it is recommended that the surface be tack ragged: clean with a damp cloth of Polyurethane thinner to assure proper bonding by removing possible amine residue.


  1. NI-21 100% Epoxy is packaged in kit form: 9-gallon kit; 15-gallon kit; 55-gallon drums.
  2. Adhere 101: available in 10 gallon kits only
  3. Quartz aggregate: Packed and shipped in 50 lb. four-ply bags


A. Store material in dry area;
B. Keep from freezing.
C. Prevent damage to containers.
D. Do not store for long periods in direct sunlight.
E. Protect from the environment or potential damage by other trades.
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