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Ni-1054r Novolac


NI-1054r Novolac Epoxy Resin is a Bisphenol-F. It is a highly chemical resistant epoxy designed for exposure to the harshest of chemicals.


A. Hydro Glass Ni-1054r Secondary Containment System
B. Seamless Flooring Applications
C. As a coating by itself



Clear, Light Grey, Medium Grey, White
White can be pigmented to pastel colors


A. Advantages
  1. USDA Approved
  2. Enhanced chemical resistance to concentrated sulfuric acid, acetone and methanol
B. Limitations


1. Bond Test Compressive Shear Test glazed side ceramic tile Load 1650 lbs. Shear strength 376 PSI
2. Curing of Two Component water based system Mix two components 1.1 ratio 75° F Shall be solid after 3 hrs
3. Combustibility Water based Flame Spread: None
4. Fading Ambering Fade Ometer No Change
5. Flexibility Fed Test Stand. 141 Method 6221 1/8" Mond ret @ 23 C No cracking of continuity at bend
6. Exterior moisture absorption Fed Spec Standard TTC001224 No absorption
7. Hydrostatic resistance Fed Spec Standard TT-P-001411 75 lbs. PSI
8. Alkalis resistance ASTM D-543 Excellent
9. Non-Toxic No Solvent odor free
10. Abrasion resistance Taber Abrader ASTM 1000 cycles Low Wear 0.1%
11. Viscosity Brookfield viscometer 14,800 CPS
12. Drying Time Set to touch

Dry hard

30 minutes

1 hour

B. Meets U.S. Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act as amended under Food Additive Regulation 21 CFR 175.300 when properly formulated and cured for food contact applications.


NI-1054 Results TEST METHOD
Physical Properties    
Density, g/cc @ 250C 1.19 ASTM D 4052
Epoxide Equivalent Weight (EEW) 172 RPM 101A
Percent Epoxide 25.0  
Viscosity, cps @ 25 degrees C 3,900 ASTM D 455
Gardner Color, max. >3 ASTM D 1544
Volatiles, wt% >0.5 RPM 104B
Flash Point, OF (PMCC) 495  
Cured Physical Properties    
Tensile Strength, psi 8,700 ASTM D 638
Tensile Modulus, psi 277,000  
Percent Elongation @ Break 5.6  
Flexural Strength, psi 14,700 ASTM D 790


The improved performance of NI-DURA 1054 epoxy resin can be directly linked to its chemical structure
  1. In Conventional epoxy resin, the isopropylidene bridge between the two phenols makes it more subject to oxidation by concentrated sulfuric acid or heat and air. However, the methylene bridge in NI-DURA 1054 resin allows easier rotation and lower viscosity


A. Tools - will vary due to the job - basic tools range from straight edge or notch trowel to rollers and squeegees depending how much material is to be applied.
B. MIXING: NI-1054 Novolac Epoxy Resin is mixed at a ratio of two parts resin to one part curing agent by volume. Mix thoroughly for 3 minutes. Work time is approximately 15-20 minutes but may vary with temperature changes. Mix only the amount of material that can be applied in the allotted amount of time.
C. Procedure
  1. Work out of tray.
  2. Roll or trowel material to desired thickness. A notch trowel will apply the most material and a vinyl squeegee will give the smallest build.
D. WARNING: Harmful if taken internally. Keep out of reach of children. Not intended for repackaging or retail sales. For Industrial use only. Could cause skin irritation. If skin contact does occur, wash with soap and plenty of water. Protective clothing and goggles should be worn to protect against skin and eye contact. Employ proper ventilation. If skin contact does occur, wash with soap and plenty of water. WARNING: Employ proper ventilation.


A. Factory sealed container shelf life is 6 months for the unmixed materials.
B. Always rotate inventory using oldest materials first.


NI-1054 Novolac Epoxy Resin is a two component system: two parts resin to one part curing agent. It is packaged in kit form: 9-gallon kit; 15-gallon kit; 55-gallon drums.
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