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NI-21 Epoxy Colors



NI-21 Epoxy

Whenever a bacteria free environment is a must, NI-21 Pigmented Epoxy is your floor coating. NI-21 Pigmented Epoxy, shown here as a finish coat for a bathroom application, provides a durable, low maintenance and chemical resistant Seamless Floor that is ideal for bathrooms, commercial kitchens, shop floors, garages, equipment rooms, ect. NI-21 Epoxy will contain water or any spills until they can be wiped clean.

For a more decorative appearance, NI-Dura Vinyl Chips could be broadcasted into the NI-21.

Materials needed:

Hydro-Seal 75 Pigmented (prime coat)

NI-21 Pigmented Epoxy (finish coat)

NI 21 Epoxy

NI 21 Epoxy

NI-21 Hydro-Glaze Epoxy Gray application

NI-21 100% Epoxy


NI-21 100% Epoxy is an odorless two component coating designed to resist high wear and harsh chemicals when applied to floors and walls. Its high gloss finish and self-leveling characteristic make it excellent for high build applications. When the two components are combined, a conversion from a liquid epoxy to a thermoset solid occurs. The result is a highly durable finish that is easy to clean.

Click here for a color chart of available colors.


A. Flooring: Commercial, Industrial and Residential
  1. Seamless Flooring
  2. Concrete Floor Coating - Dust - proofing
B. Chemical Containment Coating
C. Seamless Fiberglass Roof and Deck System
D. River-stone mortars


A. Advantages
  1. DIMENSIONAL STABILITY DURING CURE. NI-21 has very little shrinkage and can be used for accurate reproduction. No volatile loss or reaction during cure of product
  2. HIGH SOLVENT RESISTANCE. High chemical resistance.
  3. CHEMICAL INERTNESS. Accepts a wide range of fillers and pigments.
  4. HARDNESS. It has great toughness and shock resistance.
  6. ADHESION. The tenacity of epoxy adhesion to almost any surface is without equal among organic coatings.


A. Clear, Light Grey, Medium Grey, white
B. White can be pigmented to pastel colors


Mixed NI-21 (Resin and Curing Agent)
Density 7.9 Lb./gal. @ 77° F
Viscosity 780-600 @ 77° F
Gel time 25 minutes @ 77° F
Thin film set time 4.5 hours @ 77° F
NI-21 Resin Only
Color (Alpha) 125 ASTM D-1209
Flash Point 485 ° F. PENSKY-MARTENS ASTM D-93
Specific Gravity 25/25° C 1.16  
Weight @ 25° C 9.7 lbs./gal.  


Flammability Self extinguishing ASTM D-635
Hardness Shore D 85 ASTM D-2240
Compressive Strength 17,500 PSI ASTM D-695
Tensile Strength 4,000 PSI ASTM D-638
Flexural Strength 6,250 PSI ASTM D-790
Thermal Coefficient of Expansion 20 by 10 ^ (-6) ASTM C-531 (IN/IN OF)
Abrasion Resistance 24.0 mg. Loss Taber Abrader CS-17 Wheel 2,000 gm. Load, 1000 Cycles
Indentation Withstands 2,000 lbs. Per. Sq. inch for 30 minutes without indentation Mil D-3134
Bond Strength to Concrete 350 PSI (100% concrete failure) ACI 403
Thermal Shock Passes ASTM C-884
Tensile Elongation 7.5% D-638
Water Absorption % .10 D-570
Elevated Temperature No slip or flow D-3134
Toxicity Non-toxic, USDA Approved  
Fungus & Bacteria Will not support growth of fungus or bacteria F-52505
  1. Testing Procedure: Testing was carried out on discs 1.75" in diameter and an approximate 0.2" thick unless, otherwise noted. D indicates that specimen partially disintegrated.
    a. Values: are rounded to the first decimal place; thus o indicates weight change within the limits + 0.049%. Unless preceded by a minus sign, figures indicate a weight gain. Weight losses indicate leaching which also occurs somewhat in all immersion testing simultaneous with absorption
    b. Concentration of 50 (phr): Parts by weight of curing agent per 100 parts by weight of epoxy resin. All curing agents were used with a conventional liquid, undiluted Bisphenol A epoxy resin, Epoxide Equivalent Weight 185-192
    c. CURE SCHEDULE: 7 days @ 73
Reagent WT Change after 3 week immersion @ 73° F.
Xylene -
Toluene 6.5
1,1,1, Trichloroethane 0.2
Synthetic Gasohol -
M.E.K. D
Ethylene Glycol Monodethyl Ether 12.8
Ethyl Alcohol 4.6
Methyl Alcohol 14.8
Skydrol -
Water (distilled) 0.6
5% Detergent solution 0.8
10% Sodium Hydroxide 0.4
50% Sodium Hydroxide -0.1
10% Sulfuric Acid 1.5
70% Sulfuric Acid 0.4
10% Hydrochloric Acid 0.8
20% Nitric Acid 1.5
10% Acetic Acid 6.7


A. Tools - will vary due to the job - basic tools range from straight edge or notch trowel to rollers and squeegees depending how much material is to be applied.
B. MIXING: NI-21 is mixed at a ratio of two parts resin to one part curing agent by volume. Mix thoroughly for 3 minutes. Pour entire contents of mixed material on application area for extended working life. Work time is approximately 15-20 minutes but may vary with temperature changes. Mix only the amount of material that can be applied in the allotted amount of time.
C. Procedure
  1. Work out of tray.
  2. Roll or trowel material to desired thickness. A notch trowel will apply the most material and a vinyl squeegee will give the smallest build.
D. WARNING: Harmful if taken internally. Keep out of reach of children. Not intended for repackaging or retail sales. For industrial use only. Could cause skin irritation. If skin contact does occur, wash with soap and plenty of water. Protective clothing and goggles should be worn to protect against skin and eye contact. Employ proper ventilation. If skin contact does occur, wash with soap and plenty of water. WARNING: Employ proper ventilation.


A. Factory sealed container shelf life is 6 months for the unmixed materials.
B. Always rotate inventory using oldest materials first.


A. NI-21 liquid epoxy resin is a two component system: two parts resin to one part curing agent.
B. It is packaged in kit form: 9-gallon kit; 15-gallon kit; 55-gallon drums.

See our NI-21 Pigmented Epoxy Color Chart

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