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Adhere 101

ADHERE 101 is a white, heavy bodied, odorless, water-base epoxy designed for use as a waterproof primer for Northern Seamless Flooring. ADHERE 101 is primarily used as a primer for solvent base urethanes, all different types of epoxies, and a wide variety of acrylic paints and coatings. Because of outstanding chemical resistance and waterproof adhesion, ADHERE 101 is the choice of seamless flooring contractors, painting contractors, and waterproofing contractors.

ADHERE 101 can be applied to all different types of substrates including plywood, concrete, particleboard, old ceramic tile, properly primed metal and more. Please contact Northern Industries for proper preparation of these surfaces before applying ADHERE 101.

Simple one to one mixing and easy soap and water cleanup make working with ADHERE 101 a pleasure. Once the material is mixed the applicator has about 35 to 45 minutes to apply ADHERE 101 to the substrate. The second coat of ADHERE 101 can be used for an application of PVA VINYL CHIPS or NI-DURA COLOR QUARTZ.

ADHERE 101 is sold in 10 gallon kits. Contact Northern for a local distributor or installer near you.


ADHERE 101 is a water-based, heavy bodied, two component epoxy designed to seal above or below grade concrete and plywood sub-floors. Adhere 101 is supplied in natural white or a universal pigment may be used to create most pastel colors.


A. A primer for Northern Industries Commercial, Industrial and Residential Seamless flooring systems
B. Epoxy Mortar System
  1. For concrete patching and leveling
  2. 2. Plywood/particleboard: (filling and taping joints and filling nail holes)
C. Sub-floor Waterproof membrane: For concrete slab moisture reduction


  1. RESISTS HYDROSTATIC PRESSURE: withstands hydrostatic pressure of over 40 PSI, exceeding Federal Specification TT-P-001411.
  2. WATER RESISTANCE: Excellent barrier to mass water. Will effectively protect substrates and prevent absorption of exterior moisture as tested using Wind Driven Rain Machine in accord with Federal Specification TTC-001224.
  3. VAPOR TRANSMISSION: ADHERE 101 is a two component, modified epoxy resin. Its' PERM is 1.75 as per ASTM D-1653.
  4. ALKALI RESISTANT: Excellent resistance to alkalis. ASTM D-543.
  5. USDA approved for food preparation areas.
  6. NON-FLAMMABLE, WATER-BASED, SOLVENT FREE, NO UNPLEASANT ODOR: ADHERE 101 contains water extended resins that cure by catalytic polymerization. Since there are no toxic or odorous solvents, ADHERE 101 is applied in occupied areas, including schools and hospitals without discomfort. It is also ecologically safe and acceptable.
  7. EXCEPTIONAL BONDING: to both damp and dry surfaces.
  8. EXCELLENT MASONRY PRIMER coat for other coatings and paint finishes
  9. OPAQUE: excellent hiding
  10. ELIMINATES MOST SEEPAGE in problem masonry
  11. DECORATIVE: pigment to desired pastel.
  12. NON-OXIDIZING: Does not contain silicone or oxidizing ingredients such as marine oils, paraffin, or vegetable oils. Will not oxidize in accord with ASTM D-822.
  13. FLEXIBILITY: Retains ability to flex with movement of the structure. Passes 1/8" Mandrel test. Fed. Test Standard 141, method 6221.
  14. MULTI-PURPOSE MATERIAL: for renovation of old buildings or other edifices.
  15. EXCEPTIONAL DURABILITY: will resist considerable physical damage.
  1. Not for use over paraffin materials,curing compounds, vegetable or marine oils, or organic pigments in any part of the formulation.
  2. ADHERE 101 can be applied to damp surfaces but not over actively leaking water.
  3. Substrate temperature must be no lower than 50° F and maintained during the installation and curing period.
  4. Where Hydrostatic pressure exists do not apply non-breathing coatings or non-breathing flooring products over ADHERE 101.


During the cure phase, ADHERE 101 polymers cross-link to create a macromolecule of extreme durability that provides optimum resistance to severe below grade hydrostatic pressure, a wide variety of chemicals, and other environmental conditions.
A. Testing
  1. Hydrostatic Pressure Resistance Testing (Federal Specification TT-P-001411)
    a) Testing Procedure: Two coats of ADHERE 101 was given to the outer surface of a 8" x 8" x 8" concrete corner block (Federal Specification SS-C-621, Type 1, Class 3).The coating is applied at the rate of 100 sq. feet per gallon allowing 24 hours air dry between coats. A clock is mounted on a test stand, Fig. 1 and 2 and a full water level is maintained for 7 days. At the end of this period, 4 psi pressure is applied and maintained for one half hour. The pressure is released for 24 hours and then repeated for another half hour. (with pictures)

    To effect a more severe condition, the pressure was increased into 10 psi increments for one half hour. At 40 psi, the block burst with no water seepage observed.

Hydrostatic Pressure Resistance Result
at 4 PSI Meets Federal Specification TT-P-001411
At 10 PSI No seepage observed
At 20 PSI No seepage observed
At 30 PSI No seepage observed
At 40 PSI (equivalent to 92 feet) block burst with no water seepage observed
Technical Data
Property Test Test Results
Hydrostatic pressure Federal specification


At 40 PSI test block burst with no seepage
Water Resistance Federal specification TTC-001224 Excellent barrier to mass water. Will effectively protect substrates and prevent absorption of exterior moisture into the pores of the wall as tested using wind driven rain machine
Vapor Transmission ASTM D-1653 Perm is 1.75 Moisture vapor from building interior passes through the coating. ADHERE 101 is a breathing, two component, modified epoxy resin
Coastal Salt Test ASTM D1654 Excellent resistance to "Coastal" salt spray weather
Alkali Resistant ASTM D-543 Excellent resistance to alkalis
Non-oxidizing ASTM D-822 Does not contain silicone or oxidizing ingredients such as marine oils, stearates, paraffins, or vegetable oils. Will not oxidize or age harden
ASTM D-3134 Has uniform "flat" sheen appearance
Flexibility Federal Test Standard 141, Method 6221 Retains ability to flex with movement of the structure. Passes 1/8" mandrel test
HIGH SOLIDS 56% solids by volume: The high resin filler ratio affords ADHERE 101 superior waterproofing properties over a prolonged period of time. Thixotropic additives enable a uniform vertical spray application at high film builds of 30 wet mils without sag, surface checking or mud cracking.
LABOR SAVING Sprayed with a minimum 2/3 gallon per minute capacity pump. (Graco 433 or equal). Use minimum .019 or .021 tip and 3/8" I.D. material hoses.
CLEANABILITY May be easily cleaned with normal cleaning compounds
FAST DRY @ 72 ° F., 50° R.H.

sets to the touch in 1 hour

Dries hard in 3 hours

total cure 4 days

POT LIFE Mixed material, 25-45 minutes @ 72° F. Warmer temperatures decrease the pot life
SHELF LIFE 6 months in unopened containers
EFFLORESCENCE CONTROL The passage of water through masonry units dissolves free lime and other salts of sodium, calcium or potassium, carrying these salts in the outer surface. The salts then crystallize to form efflorescence, an objectionable discoloration of the surface. ADHERE 101 prevents the major cause of efflorescence deposits.
NON-TOXIC AND ODOR FREE Since there are no toxic or odorous solvents, ADHERE 101 is used in occupied areas, including schools and hospitals without discomfort. It is also ecologically safe and acceptable.
SOLVENT FREE Contains water extended resins which cure by catalytic polymerization


Color ranges from standard white to customized pastels.


  1. TYPE OF MASONRY This chart assumes the masonry to be in good general condition. Old masonry, however, often becomes more porous after long exposure and weathering. Steam cleaning, sandblasting and acid etching will also make masonry more porous. These recommendations, therefore, will have to be adjusted on the job to the condition of the masonry. When estimating coverage, allow 10% for overspray. Winds of over 15 MPH will result in a further loss of material when spraying.
    Type of masonry Approximate Coverage
    (Sq. ft./gal./coat)
    Lightweight block, cast stone, sandstone, open textured block, below grade areas where water pressure is a problem 50-100
    Concrete, concrete block 120-180
    Stucco 130-190
    Clay brick - porous 60-110
    Clay Brick - dense 100-150
    Cement Asbestos Products 75-100
    Concrete - dense 175-250
    Coverage Rough Surface Smooth Surface
    First Coat approx. 100 sq. ft./gallon approx. 125 sq. ft./gallon
    Second Coat approx. 135 sq. ft./gallon approx. 150 sq. ft./gallon
    a) Must be cured a minimum of 28 days.
    b) Should be free of curing compounds.
    a) Prepare and abrade substrate by removing all foreign material such as preservatives, wax, sealers, paint, and hardeners. Use TSP and water.
    b) Pre-dampen surface. Normal cleaning with TSP and water will pre-dampen surface enough. Be sure to rinse surface with clear water to neutralize after washing with TSP and water.
    c) Fill holes and cracks. Level uneven areas. For concrete leveling and patching use Northern Industries' Epoxy Mortar System consisting of Portland cement, ADHERE 101 and fine sand.
  1. PREPARATION OF MATERIAL: ADHERE 101 is a twocomponent material which requires the combining of resin and curing agent. Do not mix more of component A and B than can be applied in one half hour.
    80° F 25 minutes
    60° F 40 minutes
    a) Ratio: 1 part resin; 1 part curing agent
    b) Mix each part in their independent container.
    (1) Component A
    (a) Stir Component A three (3) minutes with mechanical mixer to disperse any settled filler.
    (b) Clean mechanical mixer
    (2) Component B
    (a) Stir Component B for three (3) minutes to disperse any settled filler.
    (3) Combine equal volumes of Component A and Component B together with a mechanical mixer for three (3) minutes or until it reaches the consistency of heavy cream. Failure to mix properly may cause excessive chalking of the coating and, in extreme cases, the coating may not dry.
    (4) ADHERE 101 is a chemically-cured coating that will set up in the container after the two components have been mixed, if it is not used within a relatively short period
    a) Coverage:
    (1) approximately 100 square feet per gallon on rough surfaces
    (2) approximately 125 square feet per gallon on smooth surfaces.
    b) Temperature: ADHERE 101 WATERPROOFING should not be applied at a surface temperature of less than 50° F or when relative humidity is above 85%.
    c) Tools: stiff nylon brush or a long (1 or 2 inch) nap roller
    d) Procedure:
    (1) Using a stiff nylon brush or a long nap roller, stroke in different directions to fill all pinholes. It is important to apply material liberally as recommended for optimum results.
    (2) Allow two hours to dry at 70° F or until dry to the touch. Longer drying times will be required at temperatures below 70° F.
    a) Coverage
    (1) Approximately 135 square feet per gallon on rough surfaces.
    (2) Approximately 150 square feet per gallon on smooth surfaces.
    b) Cure Times
    (1) Surface area will be cured properly after twenty-four hours at 70° F and 50% R.H.
    (2) Lower temperatures will require proportionally longer cure times.
    a) Do not mix more of the material than can be applied within 40 minutes @ 72° F. Warmer temperatures decrease the pot life. Under no circumstance can the mixed material be tempered by the later addition of water.
    b) Do not apply at temperatures below 50° F.
    c) Do not apply if there is a threat of rain within three hours after application. Do not apply over any prior paints or coatings.


ADHERE 101 is washed from tools and equipment with warm water. Precautions should be taken to avoid solidification of the coating on tools or equipment. Clean tools, hands, spillage or drippings immediately or it will be extremely difficult to remove.


Supplied in a two package kit (Component A and Component B): Available in 1, 6, and 10 gallon kits.


A. The unmixed components have a shelf life of six (6) months in the original unopened containers.


A. Northern Industries, Inc. warrants that Northern Products will be free from manufacturing defects and conforms to specification.
B. Sellers make no other warranty, expressed or implied, and all implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are hereby disclaimed.
C. Due to lack of control, Northern Industries, Inc. will not assume responsibility or liability for installation.
D. No representative, distributor, or approved applicator of Northern Industries, Inc. is authorized to change or modify the date or standard warranty in any way, or add conditions, provisions and/or amendments to the sale.
E. Buyers are urged to read the data outlined, to assure product matches proposed applications and are encouraged to call Northern Industries with any questions.
F. All other information supplied by Northern Industries is considered accurate but is furnished upon the express condition that the person receiving it shall make his own test to determine its suitability for his particular purpose.
G. Warranty is limited to replacement of product.
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