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Welcome to Northern Industries. Inc

If you have a need for a durable coating or flooring system we hope the information here will help you choose the correct product for your need. Northern Industries Inc. is a manufacturer of high quality, seamless flooring, basement waterproofing and coating materials for all types of industries.

With a network of certified installers and distributors nationwide, we can make sure your project runs smoothly from start to finish. If you would like to become a Northern Installer please contact us to sign up for the next Northern Installation School.

Seamless Flooring Material

Seamless Flooring Flakes/Chips in 40 different colors, water-base epoxy primer and resurfacing material, polyurethane and epoxy finishes and acrylic tie-coat.

Protective Coatings

Interior and exterior masonry waterproofing , 100% Solid Epoxy and pigmented epoxy for automotive and shop floors, Novolac Epoxy for chemical containment areas and equipment rooms.

Waterproofing Materials

Roller, brush or spray applied epoxy for interior/exterior masonry. Odorless below grade treatment for basements that resists hydrostatic pressure in excess of 40PSI. Odorless waterproof coating manholes, elevator pits and tunnels. Waterproof moisture treatment and waterproof membrane for concrete slabs. Exterior waterproof foundation coating waterproof topping for plywood decks, waterproof coating for concrete and gunite pools.


Water-base, 56% solid moisture cure, wood floor finish, Seamless Floor Finish, Concrete floor sealer concrete floors, plywood form coating.


Contact Northern Industries. We're happy to give you the answers to all of your flooring, coating, and waterproofing needs.

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